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Children require well-balanced nutrition to support their rapid physical growth and mental development during their early childhood. At the same time, maintaining a healthy digestive system and building a strong immune system for children are of equal importance.

With Snow Brand’s continuous effort to contribute to the sound and healthy growth of children, we are pleased to present our two new growing-up formulae,
Step 3 Neo Kid-Plus, specially formulated for children between one and three, and Step 4 Super Neo Kid-Plus for three years and over.

Snow Brand Growing Up Milk is fortified with Sphingolipids, Gangliosides, DHA, ARA, SA, Choline, Nucleotides, Phospholipids, Oligosaccharide (Galactosyllactose) and other important nutrients.

With no added sugar and flavouring, 
Neo Kid-Plus retains the all-natural taste and goodness of milk that children love!

Snow Brand Growing Up Milk is made in Australia and are available in 900-gram packing.

At the Forefront of Milk Innovation
Scientists at Snow Brand are constantly developing breakthroughs in nutrition. As an innovator of dairy products since 1951, Snow Brand filed over 30 patents in the last five years alone, of which the use of Sphingolipids in milk formula is one of its most important breakthroughs. In Malaysia, Snow Brand has helped children grow smart and strong with its premium quality products for over 40 years.

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